• Massage your Body with the Maxi Rub!

    Massage is a natural form of manipulation of the tissues of the body that helps alleviate pain or discomfort. Massage not only relaxes your body but it provides health benefits as well. Some of the benefits of massage include stress/tension relief, pain reduction, and increased flexibility and movement. Massage also aids in healing. When pressure is applied to the body in the form on manipulation, blood flow increases which in turn enhances healing of injured tissue. Increased blow flow also provides increased nourishment to the tissues and skin. Aside from the physical benefits of massage there are also mental benefits. Just like massage can relieve physical stress, massage can also relieve emotional stress. Massage promotes relaxation, which eases the mind and body and improves the overall well-being and quality of life of the individual.

    Return2Fitness carries several massage machines. The Maxi Rub massager is a powerful 2 speed operating machine that penetrates deep into the muscles to help alleviate pain and tension. The massager contains a cushioned, vibrating pad which promotes a comfortable massage experience. The Maxi Rub is available in both body and foot and you receive free ground shipping with the purchase of either product!

    Maxi Rub Body Massager

    Some of the other massage therapy products that Return2Fitness carries are listed below:

    - Pro-Tec Roller Massager


    - Body Sport Therapeutic Massager

    - ProTec Ice-Up Portable Ice Massager


  • Return2Fitness is Revamping the Website!

    Return2Fitness will soon be launching a new website!  R2F will be changing from to  Our new website will feature a new and improved web design and layout and will include several new attributes.  Some of the attributes include:

    - New product line

    - New product images

    - Up-to-date product descriptions

    - Enhanced filter preferences

    - Online chat option

    - Social Media Integration

    - Much more user friendly

    If you like the products we currently carry, you will be happy to know that we will be adding a wide variety of new products. All of the new and current products will contain enhanced product images and up to date product descriptions.  Searching for a particular product will also be easier.  Our enhanced filter preferences will allow you to filter products by sport, brand, injury/condition, and body part.  Another beneficial feature that will include is an online chat option which will provide you with the opportunity to chat live with our customer service representative if you have any questions!  Also, feel free to check out and like our Facebook page for information and specials:

    We hope that you enjoy our revamped, user-friendly site and that it makes it easier to find the product(s) you are looking for!

  • The Importance of Insoles

    At some point in your life, you’ve probably experienced foot pain and discomfort. Whether it is because of a long work day on your feet, participating in sports activities, or breaking in a new pair of shoes, pain in your foot can really hinder your daily activities.

    According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about 75% of people in the United States suffer from foot pain at some time in their lives. After all, the foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments, trying to support us in our daily activities. Thats a ton of pressure on a small part of the body.

    Oftentimes the shoes that you purchase do not provide the full support your foot needs. This is especially true if you have abnormally high arches, fallen arches or flat feet. Other conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, diabetic foot, or overpronation or underprontation of the foot can contribute to foot pain as well.

    The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends using insoles as one way to prevent and provide relief for foot pain. Insoles are cushioned inserts for your shoe to help reduce shock, provide support and absorb moisture from your foot. The energy absorbed by the insole helps to decrease the energy in your joints, which is also beneficial for preventing knee and back pain.

    There are many different types of insoles and not every person will respond the same way to specific insoles. Whenever possible, consult a physician on what type of insole you may need. You should consider your foot shape, shoe type, and foot condition when selecting your insole. Some insoles are specific to the heel or arch of your foot and can be injury or sport specific.

    Return2Fitness is proud to carry a wide variety of top name brand insoles to help you feel relief from your foot pain and get back to your fitness routine. Some of these include:

    Thin Sport Heat Moldable Insoles by Sole Thin Sport Heat Moldable Insoles by SoleSoftec Ultra Heat Moldable Insoles by SoleSoftec Ultra Heat Moldable Insoles by SoleActive Full Insole by Barefoot Science        Active Full Insole by Barefoot ScienceViscoPed Insoles by BauerfeindViscoPed Insoles by Bauerfeind

    If you suffer from pain or discomfort in your foot, insoles may just be the solution you’ve been looking for!

  • Purchase your Fall Sports Gear!

    As Summer comes to an end and the leaves start to change, fall sports like football and soccer will soon begin.  Compression products, like HexPad gear have become increasingly popular for protection during contact sports like these.

    Compression and HexPad material is composed of high quality, lightweight foam padding to aid in the protection of the body.  The material stretches and conforms to create a comfortable fit and HydraVent hDc moisture management technology helps keep you cool and dry during athletic activity.

    As the days get colder, Compression and HexPad gear can also keep muscles warm during sports activities, helping prevent muscle fatigue and muscle strains.

    Return2Fitness is proud to offer a wide selection of Compression and HexPad products to help prevent sports injuries.  Purchase cold weather running gear, compression apparel, knee pads, elbow pads and more to protect you during sports and fitness activities this season.

    Some of our HexPad products include:

    Youth Hex Girdle/2-Pocket by McDavid

    • Compression technology supports large muscles to help reduce pulls and fatigue
    • Includes cup pocket and thigh pad pockets

    Hex™ Sternum Shirt by McDavid

    • 9mm Hex™ Technology perfectly positioned to protect against sudden impact to the sternum
    • Mesh fabric across shoulders, back and sides for full-on ventilation
    Hex™ Sleeveless Shirt / 5-pad by McDavid

    • 9mm Hex™ Technology perfectly positioned to protect critical areas: shoulders, ribs and spine
    • hDc™ Moisture Management Technology is all about cool and dry
    Hex Knee/Elbow Pads by McDavid

    • 9mm Hex™ Technology in a low profile, minimized design
    • Protects knee or elbow
    Knee Power Sleeve - 272 by LP

    • Power Band designed around thigh and calf muscles improves kinetic capacity of knee flexion and extension to enhance sports performance.
    • Regulation Area can facilitate motional agility and provide smooth support.

    Cross Compression™ Short w/ Cup Pocket by McDavid

    • Exclusive McDavid Cross Compression™ Technology warms and stabilizes muscles by mimicking taping methods used by athletic trainers, adding support to hamstrings and quads
    • Includes cup pocket for multi-sport use

     10k Runner Socks by McDavid

    • Calves and feet benefit from increased blood circulation due to Targeted Compression™ Technology
    • Arch and Achilles support via unique knitting pattern
  • Why Resistance Train?


    Resistance training, otherwise known as strength or weight training, is a type of exercise that involves the use of resistance in the form of weights, resistance bands, or simply with your own body weight.  Resistance training has a multitude of benefits including increased muscle strength, muscular endurance, muscular hypertrophy, bone strength, decreased fat mass and increased fat free mass.  Decreased fat mass and increased fat free mass are especially important in regards to weight loss.  Increased lean tissue increases metabolic rate, which will ultimately lead to increased energy expenditure.  Resistance training will help to improve overall functional ability, and in conjunction with cardiovascular training, it can contribute to a decrease in morbidity and mortality.  Resistance training is especially known to help decrease the risk for osteoporosis, which is particularly important for women.  It is important to incorporate some form of resistance training into your weekly exercise routine.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine, resistance training is required at least twice a week for healthy individuals.  Novices or untrained individuals are recommended to perform one set of 8-12 repetitions for all major muscle groups.


    Some simple resistance exercises that can be performed are:

    • Chest Press
    • Bicep Curl
    • Triceps Extension
    • Knee Extension
    • Leg Press
    • Hamstring Curl
    • Calf Raise
    • Squat


    Our Fit Stik Body Sculpting System and Stroops Body Weight Gym provide you with the resistance exercises you need to enhance your body.

    Includes: 6 foot Slastix Toner, Fit-Stik, door anchor Includes: 6 foot Slastix Toner, Fit-Stik, door anchor
    Includes: 2 - anchors, 2- handles w/ foot loops & strap with 2 - 150 lb. resistance Slastix® Toners Includes: 2 - anchors, 2- handles w/ foot loops & strap with 2 - 150 lb. resistance Slastix® Toners

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